Let your eyes do the talking and make those statements noteworthy with designer eyeglasses. Choosing one from our collection ensures an authentic buy and an everlasting impression on those who witness you wear it. Prioritizing your needs for style amidst practicality and functionality, we bring you a wide variety to explore.

We are authorized retailers of the real luxe and flag bearers of the best deals. Change your eyeglasses and let them be a fool-proof starter pack for your fashion quest! Shades HQ can also provide customizable options for your eyeglasses depending upon your prescription including:

  • Vision: Single vision, bi-focal, multi-focal, progressive lenses
  • Material: Plastic or metal

Authentic Designer Eyeglasses store

Offering high-quality, authentic and trending designer eyeglasses from all big names, we know what makes a man happy. Not limiting ourselves to market flows, we have the special editions at the best prices as well. Associating ourselves to names that symbolize expertise in their craft, we build a community on trust and unmatched service delivery.

Along with a wide range to choose from, we also offer ease of prescription lens addition. Now, stumbling is not an option. You can make your audience’s jaws fall with iconic designer eyeglasses and expect to turn heads with us. Find the right pick for you and leave it to us to deliver you fully prepared prescription eyeglasses, that too, in time and on budget.

In our dedicated attempt to aid your eyesight while not compromising on your style, we have various designer eyeglasses. Often chosen for great customer service, we guarantee you get the best products in the market. We also make sure that your eyesight weakness does not keep you from flaunting your looks. Having all kinds of shapes and types, ranging from cat eyes to iconic aviators. Complementing your eyes and the beauty in them, we have precisely made prescription lenses, all custom to your needs.

Detaching our name with any kind of inconvenience, we provide experiences that live longer and speak louder than words. Whether it’s a statement maker eyeglass for women or men that you are looking for, we have what's supreme!

Why Shades HQ?

To begin with, we have the largest designer eyeglasses collection, aimed at making luxury accessible to all. With that we understand the need to be affordable too. Navigate through our designer eyeglasses on sale and find what suits you and your pocket.

How you can find us?

Texas is big but not bigger than our clientele, spread throughout the US and outside. Rub the “designer eyeglasses near me” vase and find us as your Genie, ready to make your style wishes come true!

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