With eyewear trends changing super-fast, keeping up with what’s hot at the minute can seem like a never-ending job! You most certainly do not want to be walking around in a pair of specs which are deemed ancient in the fashion forward world of eyeglasses. And apart from being up to date on the latest eyewear styles for the sake of being on trend – the ever-growing variety of new and more fashionable eyeglasses models is what makes it easier for you to explore different styles and see what suits you best. Take a look at eyeglasses trends 2020 and give your everyday look a makeover!

Optical Eyeglasses – But Make It Fashion!

In this day and age where technology has virtually taken over our lives, and our screen-time, unfortunately, pretty much peaks to great levels – it goes without saying, our eyesight certainly takes a toll. As a result of this, quite inevitably, we end up at the doctor’s office and leave with our prescription glasses. Thankfully though, eyeglasses fashion is a thing that exists, and has frames and styles designed to complement any, and every face shape out there. Whether it’s an oval face shape or a square one, a heart shaped one or a face sculpted like a diamond – you’ll find it all!

Apart from glasses frames for face shapes, you’ll also find endless types of eyeglasses frame styles, each unique and perfect for different eye shapes and sizes! Once you find the perfect eyeglasses frame shape that suits you best, you’ll never look at prescription glasses the same.  

The Perfect Pair of Glasses That Will Make You Say ‘Eye Do!”

You see all these models, rocking the classiest pair of eyeglasses, but how will you know what will suit you best? Oftentimes, we find frames attractive and feel that they will go well with our personal style, but quite the opposite turns out to be the case. There are quite a few important factors that are worth your consideration when it comes to picking out the perfect pair.

There’s More Than Meets the Eye

So, you see some reading eyeglasses, online and the first think you think is, ‘These would probably look great on me’, or perhaps, it’s hate at first sight, and your first thought is that you would never be able to carry that pair of specs – well, truth is, it all comes down to whether that style of eyeglasses would frame your face shape appropriately, or not. So first and foremost, you must determine the shape of your face to find the perfect glasses frames for your face shape. To make it easy for you, here is a list of give universal face shape categories:

-         Oval

-         Triangle

-         Square

-         Heart

-         Round

However, do bear in mind that face shapes are more of a general guideline, put in place to make it easier for you to pick out a pair of your choice – but what truly matters is how you feel your best and most confident self!

The snazziest pair of designer eyeglasses is all you really need to elevate your fashion game in an instant! Shades HQ has the latest and most coveted high-end eyeglasses frames in its collection, waiting for you to wear, and finally see and be seen!

Fresh Off the Eyewear Runway

Having the latest, most desirable eyeglasses frames in stock, we’re here to share with you a little something about what to look for, if you have your eyes on the latest eyeglasses’ trends of 2020!


The Clubmaster eyeglasses are one of the most sought-after pair of shades this season – and rightfully so. Owing to its versatility and classiness, this frame is more or less a perfect fit for most face types. Not only that, but this frame is perfect for all ages as well, whether you’re going for a more graceful and sophisticated look, or a more fun, young hipster look – this frame will work perfectly.  

Perfect for making a statement, as this classy pair of glasses is all you need to make your outfit go from a zero to a hundred. This timeless frame has been around for decades and is more of a classic than something seasonal – however, it's up there on the list of eyeglasses trends 2020 for men’s eyewear.

Being a frame that is as versatile as this is, it works perfectly as both prescription eyeglasses with a transparent lens, as well as a pair of dapper sunglasses!

  •   Tom Ford Havana Frame Eyeglasses for Men - T5384 052 51

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses which doesn’t compromise on frame quality or lens quality, and also is in high demand at the moment, being one of the hottest pieces of eyewear in the list of eyeglasses trends 2020 – then the Tom Ford Havana is the frame for you!

Tom Ford Havana Frame Eyeglasses for Men


Keeping it subtle and classy when it comes to the logo, this eyeglasses frame has a sleek T shaped design on both sides of the arms of the frame. You could rock this pair of glasses with casual or formal attires. The sleek and dainty bridge on this pair of glasses is what is my personal favourite, as that is what sets this pair apart from what you usually see out on the streets. Grab yourself a pair of the most dashing and fashionable eyeglasses frames and transform your look in no time!

  • Ray Ban Polished Havana Eyeglasses - SKU: RX5288 2012 52

Nothing says fashion like a pair of the most stylish, unisex eyeglasses out there! Soaring high on the list of eyeglasses trends 2020. This pair of eyeglasses comes in a square shaped frame, which is ideal for complementing most face shapes, both masculine and feminine ones. The moderately delicate design of this pair of glasses is what makes it so versatile in its nature, as it sits well on most face types – accentuating the high points of the face, like the cheekbones.

Ray Ban Polished Havana Eyeglasses
  • Oakley Polished Black/Red Rectangular Eyeglasses - SKU: OX3133-0751

This sleek pair of delicate eyeglasses is perfect for a sophisticated and modern look! With a delicate rim around only the top half of the lens, the bottom of the lens is left rimless, adding to its delicacy.

Its sleek rectangular frame can complement many face types, and the versatility of this model is what makes this perfect for men and women alike. It is available in both red and black, so you can choose what suits you best.

  • Oakley Tin Cup Rectangular Eyeglasses for Men - SKU: OX3184-05

Add this gamechanger to your collection of eyewear and transform your whole look! The Oakley TinCup is designed carefully keeping in mind several face shapes for it go along with. The rectangular frame is perfect for oval, round and square face shapes.

With the help of perfected craftmanship, the lenses of the eyeglasses are tightly secured with a full rim on all sides, made from stainless steel. Apart from that, the nose pads are air filled, to ensure a comfortable experience with this perfect pair of eyeglasses.

  •  Gucci Black/Multi-color Cat Eye Women Eyeglasses - SKU: GG0329O 004

A pair of eyeglasses from Gucci will give you nothing less than absolute grace and class, and that’s exactly what you get with this pair of eyeglasses. This pair has a perfectly placed logo on the temple, a traditional, single bridge and a gorgeous cat-eye as the overall shape. So, if you’re looking for a snazzy pair of feminine designer glasses – this might be perfect for you!

  • Gucci Light Havana Round Eyeglasses for Women - SKU: GG0027O 003 50

The rounded edges of this gorgeous pair of eyeglasses for women are what bring a softer look to the face. That, paired with a simple styled, single bridge and the classic, interlocking G as the Gucci logo is what makes the perfect pair of eyeglasses to add to your collection for a classic look.

Gucci Light Havana Round Eyeglasses for Women
  • Ray Ban Shiny Black Square Eyeglasses - SKU: RX5340 2000 53

With this model, Ray Ban put a perfect spin on the classic pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses, this time with a bolder frame all around the lenses, and a more prominent silver logo. Made from light weight, durable material, these glasses are guaranteed to last you a long time, and stay in fashion for just as long too!

  • Tom Ford Dark Havana Eyeglasses for Women - SKU: FT5471 052 53

This frame is perfect for adding a touch of classic retro to your look! The lens is oval shaped and has a beautiful brow-line made from Acetate, which is what makes it comfy and durable altogether. The side hinges are adorned with the traditional T shaped logo, which is subtle yet instantly identifiable.

  • Ray Ban Cat Eye Black Transparent Eyeglasses - SKU: RX5322 2034 53

Ray Ban has been a leading name in the world of fashion eyewear for years, and it comes as no surprise that the list of eyeglasses trends 2020 also comprises some of the most beautiful Ray Ban eyeglasses models, such as the Cat Eye eyeglasses for women. This beautifully designed and crafted model for women’s eyewear is perfect if you’re into fashionable eyewear and don’t believe prescription eyewear has to be plain and boring.

When picking out a pair of glasses, you need to make sure the frame is one that you will want to wear on as many occasions as possible – and that is exactly what this pair of eyeglasses by Ray Ban ensures, as this versatile pair of spectacles is not only perfect for when you’re dressed up for a night out, but will also make you seem ten times more ready and put-together on a plain, old Monday afternoon.

When it comes to high end, designer eyewear, Shades HQ, will be your most reliable source – always. Forget spending hours and hours going through biased reviews on the latest eyewear trends, and find yourself the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses online on our website, where quality is never compromised on.

Having closely and critically analysed the eyeglasses trends 2020, we have an exquisite assortment of the hottest pairs of shades and prescription eyeglasses.

Apart from having available the most stylish and latest eyewear, if you’re looking for discount eyeglasses online – we’ve got you covered.

Eyewear is about more than just wearing a pair of glasses, it’s a way to express yourself! Pick out whichever pair of glasses you feel most confident in, and see the world with a whole new perspective

By Fahad Abdul Basit


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