Sunglasses are a style statement that compliments your look and make you look bold. It is one of those accessory items that both men and women usually wear. A nice pair of sunglasses plays an important role in upgrading a person’s character. It is a must have item in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Sunglasses make you feel your best self as they are an expression of self-reliance. Build up your confidence with the right pair of sunglasses. While choosing a pair of sunglasses, the thing that matters the most is its quality, color, design and style that is trending. And so, follow the below sunglasses brands list that promises to deliver sunglasses with all the elements that you are looking for.


If you only rely on brands, then check out the below sunglasses brands list and select a pair that matches your vibe. Enhance your personality by giving yourself a chance to try out a new set of sunglasses and experience a positive change. Reveal a different side of your identity in your friend’s group by wearing a chic set. And also, grab public attention as soon they look at you because the sunglasses would make your outfit look appealing. The list below features the most popular and luxury sunglasses brands. These brands manufacture the types of glasses that every person demands in his eyewear collection.


What Are The Best Designer Sunglasses Brands?

Are you unsure about which of the many fashion sunglasses brands have the perfect pair according to your facial fit and style? The designer sunglasses are the best choice as they assure to deliver all in one. Which means, the branded sunglasses are 100 percent unique with latest designs, distinct shapes and various color schemes. The guide below will help you in choosing high quality stylish sunglasses.



Without any doubt, Ray-ban tops the best sunglasses brands list. The brand manufactures some of the finest sunglasses that are unique in their way. The best selling sunglasses of the brand have details that are sophisticated, yet trendy. The brand offers sunglasses at a much affordable rate. So you don’t lose your wallet, and still own an elegant piece. The sleek finish glass of the frame is something that makes people get their hands on. The brand designed iconic sunglasses like Wayfarer and Aviator that gained Ray-ban popularity in the fashion world. You can find designs manufactured by the brand that maintain premium quality, reliability and durability. If you prefer style, trend and comfort, then Ray-ban has the best sunglasses ever made.




Oakley is yet another big brand name and joins the fashion sunglasses brands list. The company manufactures sporty eyewear and uses smart polarized lenses. Sunglasses and factory pilot eyeshades of the brand were launched in the year 1984. Oakley sunglasses are a must have for people who love to be in style all the time. The sport style sunglasses manufactured by the brand are an athlete's favorite which grabs the attention of the crowd to own a pair of one as well. From extensive eyewear styles to latest modern eyewear trends, Oakley has a wide range of eyewear that a fashion lover wishes to own.



Tom Ford is among the most popular sunglasses brands. The brand has made its name internationally all over the world with its unique designs and chic styles. Out of many designer sunglasses brands, Tom Ford is James Bond’s favorite brand for sunglasses. Therefore, sunglasses from this brand are certain to perfectly compliment the outfit and your style. Tom Ford crafts each pair of sunglasses using best materials and classy details. The sunglasses frame high quality is never compromised when they are designed. And so, Tom Ford is the best choice for people who are brand as well as quality conscious.



Gucci is another name among the most popular sunglasses brands. The brand designs classic styles like cat eye and square shape that are sure to give you a fashionable and cool look. Gucci designs the best sunglasses to buy for a casual evening out on the street, or a shopping day with friends, or a meeting over coffee. Gucci is one of the bestselling sunglasses brands as each pair of glasses designed by the brand is crafted professionally with unmatched quality. The brand offers sunglasses for both men and women to make their look of the day more graceful than ever.



Michael Kors designs the bestselling sunglasses that are iconic yet modern, and sophisticated yet trendy. The brand is renowned globally and is award winning for its luxury accessories. The brand manufactures finest sunglasses using the best quality frames and materials. The ready to wear sunglasses from the brand offer UV protection. Michael Kors designs sunglasses in both polarized and non-polarized lenses. The brand offers different styles like cat eye, aviator, oversized and round. Fashionable frames and vibrant colors makes the Michael Kors sunglasses different from others. The eyewear collection at Michael Kors protects the eyes as well as gives an amazing look to the wearer.



When talking about the most expensive sunglasses brands, Miu Miu is the only one that comes first to mind. But, the high cost of the glasses doesn’t matter because the brand manufactures sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Miu Miu sunglasses are famous in the younger class since their frames are trendy. The sunglasses frame high quality is delivered in each production of the sunglasses. Instead of buying sunglasses that become useless over time because of poor quality and material. The exciting color ranges and trendy styles of the sunglasses are never seen before in other brands. It is better to spend on expensive Miu Miu glasses that are worthy buying as it is a one time investment.



The brand name for sunglasses that designs the most luxurious glasses is Oliver Peoples. The expensive sunglasses brands like Oliver Peoples designs sunglasses that are worn by actors in Hollywood movies. What makes the brand different from all the other luxury sunglasses brands is that Oliver Peoples crafts retro sunglasses style transformed into a modern look. The sunglasses by Oliver Peoples are popular because of their unique frames, designs and details. The brand uses the best quality material and seven hinges so that your sunglasses lasts longer than any ordinary one. Are you the person who desires to own a pair of sunglasses that is durable but manufactured by high end eyewear brands? Trust Oliver Peoples to be your best option in this regard.



Porsche Design definitely deserves to be in the best sunglasses brands list. The glasses designed by the brand are celebrity favorite and the perfect accessory for your everyday outfit. The luxury sunglasses brands like Porsche Design manufactures glasses in different styles and shapes. The unisex eyewear items offered by the brand are guaranteed to satisfy both the gender customers of the brand. Porsche design is well known to craft sunglasses that add a touch of pure elegance to your look. Moreover, the brand also designs sunglasses that are sporty and casual. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find a quality stylish sunglasses pair at the Porsche design brand.


What About The Eyeglasses?

 Most people often think that eyeglasses frames are simple and basic. But, this is a wrong perception as the sunglasses brands list features brands that also design iconic eyeglasses. If you are looking for eyeglasses frame styles that are trendy, then you are at the right place. All these brands not only craft elegant sunglasses, but they also offer eyeglasses according to your eyesight. If you are the one who loves to own branded eyewear, then you can customize your prescription eyeglasses in accordance to your eyesight number. The personalized eyeglasses manufactured by leading brands like Ray-ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Gucci, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Oliver Peoples and Porsche design provides sharp and clear vision. At Shades HQ, you can find a wide collection of eyeglasses frame shape, designs and styles.

Where to Find the Best Quality Sunglasses?

You might be wondering about the best store for sunglasses. But, there are a lot of stores and online websites that offer top rated sunglasses. Out of so many choices, finding the best pair of sunglasses that matches your style is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, you do not need to worry anymore because Shades HQ features designer sunglasses brands, best selling sunglasses brands and the most expensive sunglasses brands. The online stores offer all the famous brands and their elegant eyewear trends at affordable rates and amazing deals. So that you do not have to leave your home and visit several stores to find the best one for you. With the online store opportunity, you can find your pair of sunglasses with just one click. Embrace your style statement everywhere you go with the latest sunglasses brands list. Fashionable You. Fashionable View!

By Fahad Abdul Basit


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