Three Best Sunglasses Options For Heart Shaped Face

Sunglasses is an accessory that every fashion lover owns and the reason behind it is that it helps in upgrading your overall look and protect your eyes from sun as well. Even if you are wearing a basic t-shirt with a pair of jeans, complimenting your outfit with sunglasses is a big turn on. You can wear a nice pair of sunglasses at every outdoor event as it gives you the desired sassy look.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing sunglasses is the face shape. Knowing your face shape can help you in selecting the best sunglasses. Choosing a pair of sunglasses that is suitable for your face shape and highlights the facial features can improve your overall look and makes the crowd turn heads wherever you step in. So, if you are unsure and wonder what could be the best sunglasses for my face, then don’t stop reading here because this post is all about the three best sunglasses for a heart-shaped face.

What Is A Heart Shaped Face?

First things first, you need to determine the shape of your face if you don’t know already. Like the shape of a heart, a heart-shaped face has strong cheekbones and a broad forehead. The chin of a heart-shaped face is pointy, and the jawline is much narrower. Typically, out of all the face shapes, people with heart-shaped faces have the slimmest and narrowest chin.

If the heart shape is your face shape, then you should choose frames that have wider lengths. The glasses frame for face shape like a heart should have lower edges that are wide. An offset between the pointed chin and broad forehead should be created when you opt for eyewear for a heart-shaped face.

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face?

When choosing sunglasses for a heart-shaped face, the aim is to select sunglasses that take the attention away from the straight edges of the face and give the illusion of a round-shaped face. The goal can be attained by wearing different styles of frames that make a look appear elongated. Following are three sunglasses choices that are perfect for a heart-shaped face.

  1.             AVIATOR SUNGLASSES

Aviator frames are one of the best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces because of the various options available for this style. The most noticeable feature of these sunglasses is that they have a double bridge and thin wireframes. The wider top and the tapered bottom of the aviator sunglasses complement the natural outline of faces with a heart shape. Thus, the heart shape is also called aviator sunglasses face shape.

The ray ban heart-shaped sunglasses for a heart-shaped face were initially the first aviator sunglasses. The sunglasses of this style are now available in classic, teardrop, and square shapes as well. The lenses of these sunglasses are usually darker and three times more than the eye socket size. This feature of the aviator sunglasses provides peripheral views and stops the sunlight from entering the eyes. Another good thing about sunglasses is that they are suitable for a heart-shaped face and all other face shapes.

  1.             ROUND SUNGLASSES

Another idea of sunglasses for face shape similar to heart shape is round sunglasses. These glasses draw attention away from the broad forehead and focus more at the center of the face. These sunglasses gained popularity in the late 90s when the Rock star of ‘Beatles’ and John Lennon wore them and made a fashion statement. And so, the round sunglasses are a unique choice of men's glasses styles face shape for guys with a heart-shaped face. So, boys, you don’t need to struggle anymore to find the perfect glasses for your face because you can always hold on to round frame sunglasses.

Also, these sunglasses are smaller and moderate as compared to other styles. The opposite of faces with heart-shaped are round sunglasses, as this is precisely the first rule for selecting heart-shaped face spectacles. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you always got round glasses for your heart-shaped face.

  1.             BROW LINE SUNGLASSES
Next on the list for best sunglasses for heart-shaped face is the brow line sunglasses. The best thing about these glasses is that they are unsexed, so you don’t have to visit stores to find glasses with a heart-shaped face. Both men and women can go for this style. The retro and modern design is combined in these classic glasses. The brow line sunglasses create a subtle contrast between the frame of the glasses and your forehead. Another noteworthy feature is that the glasses' structure has a semi-rimless style, which means that the bottom part of the glasses isn’t covered with a frame.
By Fahad Abdul Basit


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