Eyewear has a lot to do with fashion and trends. It is not only about wearing a pair of specs with a fitted mirror according to your eyesight number. The eyewear has really upgraded from being the old-fashioned visionary item to a style statement. A new pair of glasses is what you need to update your fashion game. Eyewear has become a must wear style accessory for everyday hangouts with your friend’s group. The eyewear trends 2020 has a collection of chic glasses that make you look younger and appealing as soon as you step out on the streets.

The eye glasses you wear changes the way you look at the world, and how the world looks at you. Didn’t get it? Well, the meaning here is simple. Wearing stylish glasses is like giving your personality a fresh groom.

Since the pair of eyeglasses would have a modern frame and an elegant look, then undoubtedly you would feel good about yourself. And obviously, if you feel good about yourself, then the surrounding would also feel good. You would look at the world with a positive and optimistic approach.

Likewise, the glasses you wear gives the people an idea of the kind of person you are. Such as, if you wear the latest eyewear trends, then the crowd would know you are the person who values their fashionista identity and appearance in the public.

If you are also wondering and wishing to own a stylish pair of eyeglasses. But, you do not know the eyewear styles that are trending this year? Well, don’t worry about that, because this article will tell about the latest eyewear trends 2020. The eyewear styles in this blog are listed for both the men and women.

The stylish glasses for men are guaranteed to give their personality an improved touch. Whereas the fashionable women glasses give the females a class and chic look. Each of the latest trending pairs of glasses is unique and different from one another. That is, the vintage legend Cat Eye has awakened from the dead in the eyewear trends 2020.

What are the Latest Eyewear Trends

Are you looking for eyewear trends 2020 that would make you appear a fashion icon this year. Every party you attend this year wearing different styles of chic eyewear would definitely make the heads turn the moment you make your entry at the place. So keep reading to find out the latest eyewear trends 2020. We bet you wouldn’t be able to resist yourself from investing in one of these pairs of eyewear.


People who love to spend their time in outdoor activities like near water, polarized sunglasses are really a good option. The glasses decrease glare from light that is reflecting from the surface of the water.

It is one of the best eyewear trends 2020, as it boosts colors and upgrades the quality of vision. Polarized glasses benefit a lot by eliminating glare reflecting from surfaces like snow, roads and water.
Ray Ban RB3539 002/T3 54 Erika Metal Sunglasses


The light that comes off from certain surfaces is usually polarized horizontally, so what polarized glasses do is to stop and block the light and decreases the intensity of the light.

These glasses are available in different colors, you can choose a pair of polarized glasses in any color preference. So, select a piece of polarized glasses that serves both as a UV light protector that maintains the health of your eyes and looks classy as well.


One of the most iconic eyewear trends 2020 is none other than aviator style. It is a classy style that any man or woman can wear. This eyewear has been famous as you can wear it casually. It is a must-have glasses that every fashion lover should own.

Keep up your eyewear fashion game with the trendiest sleek designed Aviator glasses. The metal frame and the prominent double bridge, grabbed the attention of the people and surged in popularity.

Adding a pair of aviator glasses as an accessory that matches your outfit will instantly uplift your personality. Add up all the glitz and glam like hot-shot fighter pilot, movie star, or bike cop to your personality.
Ray-Ban Junior Aviator sunglasses - RJ9506S 271/11 50


Who would have ever thought that the long forgotten eyewear style would make its way back in the latest eyewear trends 2020? This iconic never dying style has become so lusted over. This eyewear style is no longer restricted for your grandmothers or mothers, as the cat eye style is back, that belongs to every middle age fashion follower girl.

The cat eye is a trendy glasses for women, and they are remarkably popular among fashion divas. In recent times, we have seen so many celebrities and Instagram style icons getting their hands on this classic eyewear.

Fendi FF 0177/S Women’s Sunglasses Mirrored Lens

The exaggerated cat eye sunglasses style is the chicest thing you can have this summer. This trending glasses frame has gained so much popularity and it evolved from everyday accessory to a fashion symbol. The elegant frame of the cat eye displays an upswept browline that tapers up towards the temples.


Nowadays sunglasses are not only worn to protect your eyes from the UV rays, but it has become much more than that. It is now a fashion accessory and quite really the future of eyewear trends 2020 that has started growing.

The sports sunglasses are the best option for the athletes and sports players. It is one of the latest eyewear styles, and has become athletes’ favorite. The adjustable and comfortable light wear sports glasses prevents dust, dirt and water keeping your eyes protected from any kind of dusty conditions.

Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses Prizm Field Lens - OO9206 26

The glasses benefit a lot as it surely fits perfectly while any physical activity. Even when you are sweaty, the temples and the adjustable nose pads hold perfectly and grips tight.

Moreover, apart from sun protection and to avoid eye injuries while playing outside, these sports style glasses are much more than that. We have seen runways and fashion weeks with models showcasing sports styles trending glasses frames.


Rectangular eyeglasses style is one of the most popular glasses frames. This style has been seen worn by people of all ages, and gender. From the late 90s to the early 20s this fashion style is everyone’s favorite and instantly becomes eyewear trends 2020.

This basic frame style is a must-have eyewear that a person with weak eye vision should own.  This frame style is mostly designed in both prescription glasses and sunglasses.

But the rectangular style is a unique prescription eyeglass trends 2020, with a bit of new modifications from the old version of rectangular eyewear. It is lightweight, and suits just according to your facial fit.

Tom Ford FT5023 772 Gold Frame Eyeglasses

The new vibrant and basic colors along with the sleek design make this style trending in 2020. For people who love to keep the eyewear simple yet elegant, then a rectangular eyeglass is a perfect choice for them. It will definitely give a decent look to your personality.


Among the eyewear trends 2020, square frames are always in the list. The style has been adopted by the people for many years. This basic style is the most comfortable and simple looking eyewear style.

From the collection of most popular glasses frames, choose a pair of glasses that will look decent yet classy. No matter if you are going to a party or you are going to be a part of an official meeting, you can wear this type of glasses everywhere you go.

You can rock an everyday look by wearing square shaped style glasses. In the prescription eyeglass trends 2020, square style glass has grabbed the attention of so many people.

Tom Ford FT5384 052 51 Havana Eyeglasses

The classic style will surely give you a casual and cool look. These are the versatile types of glasses that make you look younger, and it will help you in inspiring people whenever they look at you. 

There are several online stores on the Internet promising to be the best of all and offering the latest trendy eyewear. But, are they authentic? Are they reliable? Well, you never know. And so, we suggest a genuine and trustworthy online store that is guaranteed to amaze you with its best quality eyewear styles. Shades HQ store offers trendy glasses for women and men in both the sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses styles. So, embrace your style and enhance your personality with a pick from the eyewear trends 2020 list.
By Fahad Abdul Basit


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