5 Quick Inspection Steps To Spot Fake Gucci Sunglasses

With its history dating back to the 1920s, the Gucci brand is well known around the globe for its premium quality eyewear items. The iconic and fashionable designer glasses are popular around the world. The Gucci glasses are undoubtedly expensive, but they are priced high for many good reasons. That is, they are manufactured with the top quality material, which any fake producer would fail to achieve. Many fake eyewear stores claim to manufacture genuine Gucci glasses and fool the customers to buy their products. The scam sellers make people believe that their eyewear items are exclusively manufactured by the designer Gucci brand itself, which is definitely not the case here.  And so, when buying glasses, most people are unable to identify if their chosen item is real or not.

For this reason, we have compiled 5 easy steps to detect fake glasses. Also, if you are worried to have bought a fake pair of Gucci glasses? Well, you can follow this easy guide to know how to spot fake gucci sunglasses.

How To Spot If My Gucci Sunglasses Are Fake?

The most possible reason for you being on this page would be to get familiar with ways to recognize face Gucci glasses. Or, maybe you purchased glasses claiming to be manufactured from the brand, but the item doesn’t look original. And so, you are browsing ways for how can you tell if sunglasses are fake?

But, you do not need to worry anymore. Keep reading and discover how to spot fake Gucci sunglasses with these easy and quick steps.



One of the simplest techniques to identify the authenticity of your Gucci glasses is by checking the temples. Through checking the temples means you have to follow a series of steps in order to spot the realness and fakeness of a Gucci sunglasses. The first thing you can do is to check the spelling and wording of the Brand name “Gucci”. It is very easy to suspect a fake pair of Gucci sunglasses, because the spelling of the brand name written on the temple might be wrong or it may say “inspired by” or “like”.  Checking the spellings of the Gucci on the temples is one of the easiest and fastest ways of determining the authenticity of a pair of Gucci glasses.

Other than just checking the outer side of the gucci glasses frames temples, you need to look inside the glasses. As the inner side of the gucci sunglasses men and gucci sunglasses women hold a hint. Meaning that, “Made in Italy” would be written on the inner side of the temple. You should have knowledge that Gucci is an Italian brand and the glasses are only designed by the Safilo Group. If it says made in Germany, China or anything else it ultimately means that it is a fake piece of Gucci glasses. Moreover, a CE is written after the “Made in Italy” that is an abbreviation of “Conformité European” which is defined as “European Conformity”.


Another thing that matters the most while suspecting woman fake gucci sunglasses and fake men’s gucci sunglasses is to check if the sunglasses have nose pads or not. If yes, then it is a must to do a quick investigation. Always remember to check the nose pads of a Gucci sunglasses, if it is a real pair of Gucci glasses then is it necessary there would be a logo of Gucci engraved on the metal piece. Right in the middle part of the glasses, if you see a shiny metal displaying the logo of the brand Gucci, it means it is a real one. It is yet another easy trick to know how to spot fake gucci sunglasses, because several fake sunglasses do not have a Gucci logo presented on the middle part of the metal piece of notepads.


In order to spot fake gucci frames, you need to scan the hinges so that you won’t be scammed. It is important to look for the hinges and the joints through which you open or close the temples of the sunglasses. Keep in mind if it is a pair of real Gucci glasses it will require a slight power for the opening and closing of the temples but it will move smoothly without getting stuck. Likewise, it is also essential to scan the hinges which means you need to explore that the hinges of glasses are made up of which material. If it is plastic then it is clear that gucci sunglasses fake. The real Gucci sunglasses do not have screws on the hinges which joints them to the frame.


If you are still unsure whether you bought gucci sunglasses real or fake. Then, the first thing to do is make sure that the packaging has an authenticity certificate and a warranty card from the brand. The authenticity certificate comes in an envelope. The envelope has Gucci’s logo patterned on it. You can check the envelope for indentation in the spaces of the pattern. You can then check the back of the card for details like the color and shape of your item, and match the specifications with your glasses.


Moreover, the next thing you can do is check that your gucci shades came in a plastic bag packaging. The top of this plastic bag has a manufacturer’s sticker on it. This sticker also contains details about the item. You can match the sunglasses with the manufacturer’s sticker to make sure that your Gucci glasses are real.


The real glasses manufactured by the brand comes in a retail box and a carry case and a dust cloth within it. You can check the retail box for the Gucci logo similar to that on your glasses. You can further look at the carry case to match the brand’s logo with the box and the glasses. Both the retail box and the carry case should have the Gucci’s logo and font that matches with the logo and writing style on your glasses. There is also a dust cloth with the retail box and the carry case. The logo and font on the dust cloth is also consistent with the box, carry case and sunglasses.


Moreover, you can also give a closer look to the stitching of the carry case. Which means that the stitching of the case of real Gucci glasses is straight, proper and even. The accessories such as the retail box, carry case and the dust cloth of the newer Gucci models are usually brown with the logo in gold lettering, which fake gucci goggles do not have.


How to Reduce The Chances Of Buying Fake Gucci Sunglasses?

Now that you know how to spot fake gucci sunglasses, the next thing you need to know is you can save yourself from buying fake Gucci glasses. The following precautions can help you buy authentic Gucci glasses, manufactured from the brand itself.

Purchase Glasses From The Brand’s Store Or A Reliable Retailer

The best way to lessen the chances of purchasing fake glasses is to buy them from the brand’s store. You are guaranteed to buy real gucci designer glasses from the Gucci store. If you purchase glasses directly from the store, there will be no doubt of any fake product, and you wouldn’t have to check the item to identify if it’s real or not. But, if you buy glasses from the brand’s online store, make sure the package is not opened or damaged in any way.


Likewise, if you do not purchase glasses from the Gucci store, you can surely buy the eyewear from any trusted source, such as retailers or online stores. You can find real Gucci glasses at the retailer stores. Or you can rely on upscale online stores to order glasses online. You can find discount gucci sunglasses on Shades HQ. The online store features real and authentic Gucci glasses in various styles and colors.

Do Not Buy Glasses From Street Sellers

Don’t forget the rule of designer shopping to ‘Never, ever purchase cheap items from street sellers claiming to be branded’. The products which the street vendors sell saying that their items are luxury or designer-made, are most probably fake. As the street vendors sell wholesale fake designer sunglasses, you can easily identify that the glasses are fake by the quality of the products. Also, the hawkers would be selling the branded items at much lower rates, which is one easy step to spot that the product is fake. Since the Gucci brand sells original glasses at expensive prices. It is an almost impossible situation that a real pair of Gucci glasses would be available for low cost. But, you can purchase original glasses on discount and season sales. Shades HQ offers gucci sunglasses sale, so that you can buy authentic Gucci glasses made of premium quality material, and that too at affordable rates.
By Fahad Abdul Basit


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