Is it your first time buying glasses? So, are you wondering what could be the best glasses for my face that look cool and fit accordingly? Shopping an item for the first time is never easy. You might feel overwhelmed with all the various frame shapes and styles, which might confuse you to select the right pair of specs. And so, chances are you might face difficulty in jumping to the conclusion of buying the right glasses. Well, you would never know unless you give this guide a read.

This article will tell you about the glasses frames for face shape that fits perfectly and also looks stylish. We’re not leaving you much to wonder, keep reading and find for yourself which frame style would suit your face shape.

Identify your Face Shape

The main thing about buying glasses is finding the right frame according to your face shape. Supposing this is your first time with the glasses shopping, or even if it’s not your first, it is important to know your face shape before selecting the best glasses for your face. Since, every person’s facial features differ from the other, which impacts your glasses choices a lot too.

That means, whenever you buy glasses, it is better to find a frame that best compliments your features and is perfect for your facial fit. The most common face shapes are round, oval, square, heart, triangle and oblong. The glasses frames for face shape make you look stylish and detailed.

So, to make the right choice, it is best to select glasses frames for face shape that you know is perfect for your facial fit and facial features. Well, we won’t leave much to you wondering, follow this blog to identify your face shape and the right style of frame for your facial fit.

Eye Frames that Suits your Face Shape

Round Face

Round faces are basically a circular face shape along with some softer edges. Which means the jawline and cheekbones are not really prominent in a round shaped face. But don’t worry there are still so many options of frames for face shape similar to a round shape.

Go for the specs that have angular frame shape with sharp edges. Rectangular shaped frames, cat eye frames, geometric frames or square shaped glasses are the best glasses for round face shape. As these angular frame glasses not only balance your round features but also give structure to the soft rounded-edged face shape.

How to Choose Right Glasses for your Face Shape - Rectangular

Other than this, it is highly recommended to pick up glasses with nose pads. Why?

Because, people with round face shapes who have bigger cheeks and flatter nose bridges give best fitting and the face looks more structured. Choose bold color glasses frames for face shape exactly like round shape as it helps in highlighting your skin tone. It is important for people with round face shaped to avoid small and round glasses.

Square Face

Square face shape is basically a face shape with broad forehead and strong jaws. The face features of a squared shaped face are well-defined along with angular face bones and sharp jaws.

The width at top of the face and the bottom of the face measures approximately equally. Likewise, this robust face shape has nearly equal length and width. Knowing that you have a square face shape, it might get challenging to find a perfect pair of glasses that fits right on your face.

Choose glasses frames for face shape like a square that not only adds length but also sits right and high on the nose. Best glasses for square face shapes are oval glasses, round glasses, rounded wayfarer glasses.

How to Choose Right Glasses for your Face Shape - Round

Such glasses are wider than your cheekbones and manage to make your face look thinner.  These are the best glasses for your face, as with rounded frames you will balance your wide jawline. As compared to angular glasses the rounded glasses seem perfect as the square has already boasted strong angles.

Oval Face 

Oval face shape is one of the facial shapes that is acknowledged as universal shape. Oval face shape is basically defined as face shape with narrower forehead and slightly narrow chin.

This is one of the face shapes with balanced proportions and it is considered the ideal facial shape among all. Oval face shaped people are lucky enough as all types of glasses frames for face shape like this adjust right and look really stylish.

Here is the good news for all the people with an oval shaped face as you all can enjoy the latest trendy sunglasses for face shape.

But that doesn’t mean that you can pick any of the glass without considering your facial fit and shape.

You cannot pick any glasses from the shelf and wear it. The right pair of glasses is only the one that balances both strong and weak features of the face. A variety of glasses for oval face shapes are available that people can own and make an undoubtedly inspiring appearance everywhere they go.

Consider square, geometric, rectangular, horn, round, and wayfarer glasses frames for face shape like oval. These glasses frame styles will surely add angles to the soft curves and also balance out the wide areas.

Triangle Face Shape

A face shape with a mixture of angular and round shape is none other than the triangle face shape. This face shape seems like it is narrow from the forehead and it widens up at the bottom.

The cheeks and chin areas are a bit wider than the forehead part. So, in order to compensate for this mixed face shape you need a glasses frame that is a mirror-opposite frame. A glasses frames for face shape that is light on the bottom side and a bit bold on the top. So, frames that balance the overall look and will fit particularly triangle faces are D-frames, aviators and cat eyes. These are a few of the best glasses for oval face shapes.  

How to Choose Right Aviator Glasses for your Face Shape

Moreover, for making a bold statement, glasses frames for face shape like oval. You can opt for round glasses as it adjusts with the angular features and gives an inspiring look to your personality. Cat eye glasses are perfect for women with triangle face shape. But glasses for men face shape are D-frames and aviators, men with triangle shaped faces can wear any of it according to their choice.

Heart Face Shape

If you have a wider forehead and narrow chin with high cheekbones, then your face shape is heart face.

The frames for face shape like a heart face need to create an offset between the wide forehead and narrow chin. The glasses for heart face shape should have wider lengths. So, try looking for frames that are oval shaped. What’s better is to select eyeglasses that are winged out with a round base. Some of the best frame shapes for such faces are square, or rounded square and rounded Wayfarer.

Avoid choosing frames that are oversized or heavy at the bottom. Because this would make your forehead look even bigger than usual. Also, don’t go for glasses frames with too many design elements, if you have a heart face. The heart shape is versatile when it comes to suitable glasses for different face shapes.

There is an extensive range of glasses frames for face shape similar to a heart. And Shades HQ offers a wide variety in different colors and styles.

Oblong Face Shape

Oblong face shapes are typically longer than their width. If your face shape features a straight cheek line and cheekbones that are narrow, then your face shape is oblong face shape. The glasses frames for face shapes that are oblong or long should have wider frames. So that, there’s width added to the long length of your face.

How to Choose Right Pilot Glasses for your Face Shape

You can also opt for glasses for oblong face shapes that have more depth or decorated temples. Moreover, you always have the option of choosing a frame style that has sharp edges. The eyeglasses for face shape of narrow jawline look best with frames that are either square or round. Geometric and pilot frames also look good on oblong face shapes.


The best way to give your personality an enhanced look is to accessorize it with eyewear. The eyeglasses for face shape and the sunglasses for face shape gives you a detailed look and compliments your appearance.

Finding the perfect pair of eyewear perfect to your facial features and fit is not easy as it may sound. You might feel distracted with the several choices of glasses frames for face shape available at optical stores. As a result, you might end up thinking if the pair selected is the best glasses for my face.

Well, you do not need to worry anymore. Because Shades HQ offers the best spectacle frames in different styles and colors. The online store features glasses frames categorized according to your face shape.

By Fahad Abdul Basit


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