Get Your Hands on These Luxury Shades Before the Sale Ends

It is the little details and hints that refresh and complete your look. It could be a certain jewelry item or a minor yet major tweak here and there. One of those eye-catching accessories and an important fashion statement of the modern fashion arena are eyewear glasses. It is an accessory that might seem needless from a naked perspective, yet it has become increasingly popular and pivotal in a fashion makeover. A large part of its popularity has been influenced by the ever-changing, innovative, and revolutionized eyewear products that are now offered by various brands in a variety of quality options. These glasses are made to adapt to every fashion style that exists out there, so there is something for everyone. Glasses are that accessory that you do not know you want, but you need it simultaneously. Also, it could either be your simple glasses or prescribed ones. Whereas with the Black Friday sunglasses sale approaching, this is your opportunity to get some classy, funky, bold shades for yourself. To help you out, we have listed the trendy eyewear products down below that you can consider.


Black Friday Sunglasses Sale at Shades HQ

Ray-Ban Shiny Black Frame Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban usually features stylish sunglasses with a variety of shapes and unique styles. But this new introduction by Ray-Ban, the Shiny Black Frame Eyeglasses, shook the eyewear industry. The sleek and smooth design makes it easier to style and match with almost any outfit. The plain and simple look of the eyeglasses makes it the ideal pair for everyday use. It is made out of high-quality plastic materials and durable demo lenses for both men and women to enjoy. Grab these ray ban sunglasses from the black Friday sale now and complete your daily looks with style.

Tom Ford Grey Gradient Lens Anna Sunglasses

This next option in shades is a woman special by Tom Ford. The square frame-shaped Tom Ford Anna Sunglasses are a classy option to consider wearing with your outfit. It features a classic grey gradient lens and a shiny black frame with thick borders. Moreover, it has some cheeky hints of gold in the front and on the sides, which gives it an edge. Furthermore, with 100% UV ray’s protection, Tom Ford has considered safety and style well. These shades offer versatility as they match different outfits, so go on and grab a pair of these matte black glasses’ frames for women from your nearest outlet. Just searching for sunglasses near me and cash in on the Black Friday deals for sunglasses as part of the larger Black Friday sunglasses sale.

Michael Kors Pandora Liquid Gold Lens Sunglasses

Michael Kors is a well-known and reliable brand in women's fashion and it is due to innovation in products like these; Michael Kors Pandora women sunglasses. This model contains a gold colored metal frame and an outstanding liquid gold lens. Essentially it is a pilot styled model. These shades offer a variety of gold-colored with the mainstream and more conventional simple black frames. When styled pilot frames provide an executive, the liquid gold lenses add much needed funky attitude that makes it stand apart. Although it's available for upwards of $200 with the Black Friday sunglasses sale, you can save $100 or more!

Black Friday Sunglasses Sale - Upto 70% Off - Shades HQ

Fendi Unisex Pink Gradient Lens Sunglasses

These shades are the prime example of groovy shades that have almost revolutionized the eyewear market's segment. These shades from Fendi are from its Unisex series, which means it's suitable to be worn by both men and women alike. These round-shaped shades possess the refreshing gradient lens along with a silver metal frame that provides an epic fusion and groove. These shades are worth almost $380, but with sunglasses deals and Black Friday special offers, you can bag up a discount of nearly 50% or more.

Gucci Demo Customizable Eyeglasses

Women are in for a treat because Gucci's next cat-eyed glasses are also for women only in orientation. Gucci is one of the most popular fashion brands globally. It's because of its boldness to set foot into uncharted territory and its fashion novelty, which is a perfect way to describe this Gucci product. It comes with round styled frames in combination with a customizable demo lens and light Havana frame color. This Black Friday, don't miss out on the awesome opportunity to bag these glasses through the Gucci sunglasses black Friday sale.

Miu Miu Light Havana Cat-Eyed Glasses

The next product by Miu Miu features the ultra-popular cat-eyed shaped frames. The frame of these glasses is colored with the in-demand light Havana color, and it also features the demo lenses. The frame is made of plastic, and the type of the frame is the full rim. This product is specially intended and produced for women who love to experiment and play with different colors, contrasts, and outfits and are bold enough to make fashion statements to stand out. As with the rest of the eyewear these glasses are up for the black Friday sunglasses sale too!

Black Friday Sunglasses Sale - Upto 70% Off

Oakley Valve Positive Iridium Lens Sunglasses

If you were patient enough to reach the final product, you have been rewarded as these next shades are for men only. These glasses from Oakley come in a rectangular shape frame style. The frame has an invigorating polished black color; however, the lens color is positive red iridium, and it has a plastic body. Get these awesome pair of shades on Oakley sunglasses black Friday sale as the black Friday sunglasses sale approaches.

Use this detailed guide to choose the perfect pair of designer glasses that suits your needs and compliments your sense of style to get out there and grab the headlines. Get your favorite pair now while there is still time before the Black Friday sunglasses sale ends!

Black Friday Sunglasses Sale at Shades HQ

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US. Since 1952, it is considered the beginning of Christmas shopping. However, it is now being celebrated in every country and with each passing year, it is getting more and more famous across the world.

So, when is Black Friday this year?

27 November 2020

How Shades HQ is celebrating Black Friday this year?

Shades HQ is well aware of the fact that many people are happy to buy sunglasses on this special occasion. So, for the returning and the new customers, it is offering up to 70% off on the majority of the designer sunglasses, plus, free shipping.
By Fahad Abdul Basit


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