Thinking of buying glasses online but feeling apprehensive? Wondering whether the company (you’re planning on buying from) is authentic or not? Or fretting over the fact that you might get scammed and lose all your hard earned money?! Truth be told, we all have been and still go through similar feelings whilst shopping online. 

Forever second-guessing, probably everyone’s online motto. 

With the evolution of the Internet, online shopping has, simply, become a trend. The number of stores offering online shopping services have, since then, only increased; and so have the number of scams, myths and feelings of uncertainties: what are the most authentic, safe and secure ways to buy glasses online?

7 Myths about Buying Glasses Online

By, the time you’re through this article, all the misconceptions and uneasiness you might’ve felt before, towards shopping glasses online, will be long gone.

So, ready to burst some myths?

Myth 1: It is Costly to Buy Glasses Online

The first and most heard myth about online shopping for eyewear is that the shipping cost adds a whopping difference to the cost, making it much more pricey. Sorry to burst your myth, but that is definitely not true! In actuality, shopping online benefits as it not only cuts off the middleman and its cost but also cancels out the overhead charges of a department store.

Buying designer glasses online, basically, doesn’t cost more as compared to optical stores. Online shopping, with the passage of time, has also become more efficient as the online retailer stores come up with more modified techniques of operating online business proficiently.

Moreover, the customers, if they opt for online shopping, can avail these savings provided by online retailers and can get their hands on cheap glasses, frames and lenses

Myth 2: In-store Glasses Shopping is Quick and Easy

While shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, there are a series of steps that one needs to follow. Firstly, you’ll have to look up the opening hours of the store and make sure to book an appointment during their preferred and open hours.

Reach the optical store on the time allotted, and then search for the perfect pair from the limited options available. After selection, there is a long wait while the optician takes and notes down your measurements.

The order is then placed and you’re given a date on which you can either collect it from the store or it’s shipped to you. The option of in-store shopping is long and tiring as compared to buying glasses online.

The same pair of glasses will cost you less time, effort and petrol if placed online, that too at any hour of the day or night, you choose! There will be no pressure whatsoever, you can browse as much as you like, avail the unlimited options, pick and choose the best discounted glasses online, and then wait. 3-4 business days later, find your dream glasses at your doorstep. 

7 Myths about Buying Glasses Online

Myth 3: You cannot find Prescription Eyeglasses from Online Stores

Wrong! You can buy any reading glasses online just as you can buy any other glasses online. All you need is the correct and accurate prescription number from your eye doctor. With the up to date detailed prescription you can directly buy your reading glasses online. All you have to do is upload your prescription on Shades HQ website. The website allows you to do this through various different methods, all easy and effective. Whether it’s your sunglasses or reading glasses, Shaded HQ has got you covered, literally. 

Myth 4: The Glasses Fitting are not Ideal

With the revolution and advancement in online shopping, it has become easier for customers to buy anything online. But yes, there is always the threat of whether what you order online would be an ideal fit for you or not. Whether it's the perfect match for you or not? However, many top leading online stores now provide size guides of glasses frames for women and men. So, fret not. Give the size guide a thorough read, understand and measure your actual facial size and then with a click of a button, place your order. 

Myth 5: Buying Glasses Online is Risky

Another common myth about online glasses shopping is that it's a risky, tricky business. But, gone are those days honey! One thing all authentic  online glasses stores guarantee are safe and secure services.

Leading online stores implement security strategies making sure that your online shopping is done harmlessly. Don’t worry about getting conned from a non-reliable source, use this quick and easy trick: before purchasing any eyewear, look for the safety lock icon or the https of the website and you’re in safe hands. 

7 Myths about Buying Glasses Online

Myth 6: There is no Optical Assistance available online

This myth about online stores, offering no optical assistance, bars high on the false radar. If you have had any experience in online shopping, you would know by now that almost all online stores offer assistance.

Most of them also offer 24 hours chat service now, where you can connect to an optical assistant and have all your queries answered. The expert does all in his/her capacity to clear any confusion you have regarding the online shopping, helping you to buy glasses online.

Shades HQ customer care is unmatched,  offering quick and easy optical assistance service available at all times. With the guidance and 24/7 available help of optical experts, you can order your glasses online and be sure that the decision made is, surely, best in your favor.

 Myth 7: Buying Online Glasses mean Compromised Quality

Most people believe that the quality is not of the same order when you buy glasses online. This is definitely not true because authentic online glasses store and physical stores all get their frames and material from the same place, the same vendors.

A pair of glasses purchased through an online store goes through the same quality checks that a store bought glasses goes through. Moreover, you can find a range of designer glasses online at the same high quality and better yet at affordable prices.

Designer brands like Gucci, Ray-ban, Oakley, Tom ford, etc. manufacture glasses frames for women and men in premium quality material and make sure that there is no compromise on standard. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find a wide collection of frames in top quality when you shop online.

By Fahad Abdul Basit


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