Gone are the days when glasses were associated with being a bookworm and a nerd. The misconception was driven away when they made their way into the fashion and tech sectors. Now, the question is do glasses make you look more attractive? A colossal yes! The right product can elevate your personality to a whole another level. They express one’s sense of fashion while making them look sophisticated and sassy. However, there are technicalities that you must know before deciding which pair frame to go with. Here we have rounded up some impressive ways you can look cool in glasses.

Consider Facial Geometry

How many people wear glasses? Innumerable, right? But only a handful of people that you might have encountered actually look good with eyewear. That is primarily because people don’t really consider their facial geometry while purchasing frames. And end up with the wrong product that diminishes their charm.

Whether you have a square, oval, or rounded face, there is a frame for every geometry. You just have to know which one suits you the best.

5 Ways to look Cool in Sunglasses

People don’t usually consider technical things, or don’t bother with them. For instance, if we ask you; What color glasses look best with grey hair? What are those glasses that make you look younger? Or, what goes with a square-shaped face? You may not know the answer right away but being aware of such particularity helps you make healthy decisions for your appearance.

So, firstly, identify what shape is your face.

  • Square
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Triangular

Tip: Do not shy away from Colors

Experiment with vibrant colors and renounce those bland and lifeless frames. The color you choose can make or break it for your outlook. You should therefore consider whether the hue complements your eye color, hair color, and skin tone or not.  

Grey shades are usually common amongst people who seek to stay in their comfort zone. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to bring in some colors. So, next time you order glasses online, make sure you have gotten a colorful deal.

Match the Frame with your Eye Color

Do glasses make you look more attractive if you match them with your eye color? The simple rule here is to choose a contrasting frame. But not all color combinations work well together. To make your eyes look good with those glasses, here are a few tips.

  • Brown/Amber Eyes: Choose anything from black to bright shades as everything looks good with brown eyes.
  • Green Eyes: For a statement-making look, go for purple and gold frames.
  • Blue Eyes: Darker, natural, and neutral color frames will go best with blue eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: Go stylish with amber, brown, and green frames.  

Match your Glasses with Skin Tone

Certain colors elevate your overall look for particular skin tones. For instance, if you have a cool skin type, green, gray, silver, and other undertones will look spectacular. That is

Men having warmer skin tones shouldn’t shy away from warm frames. Yellow, gold, orange, red, brown, colors are the glasses that look good on guys. Whereas for a neutral tone, you can choose whatever you want.

Match the Frame type with Hair Color

Do glasses make you look more attractive if you have complementing hair color? Of course, they do. Just like the other facial features, considering hair color is likewise essential. Read the following tips to find out what frame to choose with which hair color:

  • Black color: For contrast, you can go for any bright colors. But if you want to choose something similar, then amber and brown frames are desirable options.
  • Red Hair: There’s already too much vibrancy in your look, and you may want to cancel that out with darker frames.
  • White/Gray Hair: How do glasses make you look more attractive with gray hair? Choose neutral frames for more sophistication, while brighter glasses will give you a flashy look.

How to choose frame size that fits?

Don’t be Rhianna or Miley Cyrus by wearing overly large frames because that has never been a fashion, and probably never will.

While purchasing a pair, make sure it doesn’t just look good, but also fits and feels comfortable. The best way to do that is by personalizing your frame size from a skilled optician, especially in the case of prescription glasses frames.

The key measurements that you should consider are the temple length, bridge width, and of course the lens size. Also, take into account the following fitting characteristics to find the optimum size:

  • Uniform weight of the frame.
  • Eyes are centered on the lens.
  • The temples are not too tight and touch the head gently.
  • The glasses shouldn’t slip with the movement of your head.
  • The temples should be long enough for a comfortable adjustment. 

Choose Up to date Eyeglasses frames

The ever-changing fashion industry introduces some interesting designs every year. Fashion enthusiasts love to keep their wardrobe updated and nothing feels more fashionable than a trendy pair of frames.

No matter what reason you wear them — either as a fashion statement or for your eyesight — a set of modern pairs can give you a refreshing look.

So, what glasses are in style? Let’s find out what trends 2020 has brought for us.

Clear Eyeglasses

Clear eyeglasses almost solve all the complexity that you might face while purchasing regular frames. That’s due to the fact that they almost go with all skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors. The only thing that you might have to decide is the frame style.

5 Ways to Look Cool in Sunglasses - Cat Eye Sunglasses

You may ask, do glasses make you look smarter with a clear body? The popularity speaks for itself. Everyone from beloved celebrities, music icons, to ordinary people is obsessed with transparent eyewear. It has gotten the attention of brands all around the globe, which has led to the market outburst of this new style. It means you can find a huge variety surrounding clear eyeglasses in every online glasses store.

Translucent Nude Glasses

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is another version of clear glasses, but somewhat colored. It comes in light colors, which can be either warm or cool. This trend is included more towards women, considering the frames look really cute.

Thick Rimmed Geometric Glasses

Do glasses make you look attractive if they have an inch-thick frame? Yes, they do. These frames are very thick around the edges, giving out a nerdy feel. Who would have thought that nerdy glasses will go trendy in 2020? You can find them in all shapes and sizes — from extraordinarily angular, to bright and soft-edged frames. However, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is sure; they are really an out-of-the-ordinary choice.

Always make necessary Adjustments

Frames don’t always fit as planned and sometimes, they feel uncomfortable and tight. There are certain adjustments that you can make for a more perfect fit. Here are some:

  • If glasses are high on the nose and feel tight, pull apart the nose-pads slightly to make some room. On the opposite, if they are sitting very low, push the pads together with your thumbs.
  • In case you need to bend any plastic parts, place them under a hairdryer or hot water for a smoother process. Remember, without heating them up, the frame may break.
  • If the frame is loose or too tight, use a screwdriver to fix the parts. Or, you can also use parts from other frames as well.
  • To tighten the fit, try bending the earpiece inwards.


Which Is the Best Place to Buy Glasses Online?

There are plenty, including ShadesHQ, which is one of the leading distributors of top-notch eyewear. Their fashion collection showcases something for everyone. Here, you can also find discount glasses online, with a cut of more than 50% of the original price. So, make haste and do check them out.

Do Glasses Make You Look More Attractive If They Have Angled Edges?

That depends on your facial geometry and features. For instance, angled glasses go well with people having rounded or oval face shapes.

How Do Glasses Make You Look More Attractive?

By choosing the right shape, color, and style of the frame that compliments your face, you can look more attractive with a pair of glasses.

What Style to Choose for Glasses To Make You Look Younger?

Cat's eye frames and Upswept style lift your face up visually, creating an illusion of a younger face. On the contrary, downward sweep and heavy bottom frames weigh down on your face, making it look older.

By Fahad Abdul Basit


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